Demonstrate Your Skills

How can I demonstrate these competencies on a resume and during an interview?

Resumes play an integral role in applying for an internship, job, and graduate school.  In almost every situation, this document is the employer’s first impression of your skills and professionalism.  Market your skills and experience so your potential employer can quickly see what you could bring to their organization.  Use our Skill-Building Directory to make connections between your on-campus involvement and the skills that employers are seeking.

Include skills you’ve obtained from courses relevant to the internship or job:

View Sample Resume.

Include skills you’ve learned and practiced in student organizations with specific skills correlating to the internship or job:

View Sample Resume.

Include professional development seminars attended representing specific professional skills:

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For additional tips and sample resumes, visit Career Development’s Resume Page.  Come by our office during resume review hours to have our experts review your resume.

Employers and graduate schools expect you to be able to articulate the skills learned in your courses and organizations, and demonstrate applicability to the job or discipline. Your digital presence is as important as your resume and interview.  Recruiters are increasingly searching for candidates on social sites with 98% using LinkedIn as their primary social site.  Recruiters have rejected candidates based on inappropriate posts.  It is important to have a professional digital reputation.

Articulate acquired skills in an interview by using the STAR Interview Approach to demonstrate applicability to internship or job responsibilities:

View the STAR Interview Approach Instructions and Worksheet.

Include skills you’ve learned and practiced from courses, student organizations, and seminars on a LinkedIn profile:

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