Skills in Practice

Professional Development Skills

Learn about how students are developing and practicing professional competencies while attending Wake Forest University.  Read more about their stories by clicking on the links below.


Student Mentor Innovative Cancer Research
Student practices presentation skills at a conference with mentor, professor.

Senior Writes for the New Republic
Student practices written communication by publishing an article during an internship.

Professional and Personal Management

Art Sparks Questions and Conversations about Multiculturalism
Students talk to high school students about race and diversity.

Students Study Culture and Religion in Indonesia
Students enhance their cross-cultural skills by immersing into another culture.

Reaching Out to Nicaraguan Children
Volunteering leads to lessons learned from individuals they are helping.

Wake the Himalayas
Students learn about culture and communication while working in local schools in India.

What I Wish I Knew When I Was a Freshman
First years receive advice about personal management in the first few months of college.

Juggling It All with a Soldiers Discipline
Student learns personal management through military training and translates it to life.

Wake Forest Connects
Students learn valuable professional presence skills while networking with alumni in DC.

Internships and Fellowships

Married to Your Major Not at WFU
Students apply knowledge and skills gained from their major in unexpected areas of interest.

World of Interns
Students develop skills during internship experiences.

Career Begins at Mother So Dear
Fellows put their liberal arts skills to work at WFU.