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Resources for Group Work and Presentations

Professor Hellyer | Spring 2014 | MWF – 11:00-11:50AM

Types of Presentations

You can use slides (s) or videos (v) to present your project.  Here are a few resources to upload and/or create presentations:

  • PowerPoint  (s) – Installed on your laptop; most widely used media for presentations.
  • Prezi (s/v) – Create, collaborate, and present your project. Sign up for the free Prezi for Education account.
  • Sliderocket (s) – Import, create, present and share presentations online. Access them anywhere.
  • Slideshare (s) – Upload documents, presentations, photos, and videos to create a slideshow of your work.  Select the free Basic account.
  • Animoto (v) – Insert photos, videos, and text to create a video presentation.  Customize it with style and music.  Sign up for the free education account.
  • Corel – Motion Studio or Video Studio (v) – Installed on your laptop.  How-to classes are available through the PDC (Professional Development Center).
  • WebEx (Meeting Center) (v) – Installed on your laptop; use your powerpoint and record your voice narrating the slides.  How-to classes are available through the PDC (Professional Development Center).
  • Windows Movie Maker (v) – Installed on your latptop.


How to Build an Effective Presentation

Building an effective presentation is key to delivering a memorable message.  A great presentation takes time to develop, prepare, and practice.  Follow these simple steps.

(A prezi is used for this presentation. Use the left and right arrows to navigate the presentation.)


Presenting with Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication when giving a presentation. These cues help deliver your message to the audience. The audience will retain the message best when appropriate nonverbal communication is integrated throughout the presentation.  Check out this video for tips.


Working in Groups

Group work can be frustrating. However, collaboration is a necessary and sought-after skill for life after college.  You are guaranteed to work on at least one team project.  Eliminate frustration by using these easy tips for your next group project.  Click on the video below.


8 Tips for Group Presentations

Organizing a group for a presentation can be a daunting task.  Learn 8 easy tips from facilitating better division of content to delivery.  Watch the video for more details.